Trulli Angelo

Apulia Villa & Trulli with pool


1. The trulli: these unusual round limestone houses with their cone-shaped roofs are the trademark constructions of this Southern Italian region, especially in the Valle d'Itria. Many go as far back as the 15th century and used to be the homes of peasant families. The most famous place for these houses typical to Apulia is Alberobello, home to the amazing number of a thousand trulli, which put the town on the UNESCO World Heritage list. If we have piqued your curiosity, we invite you to discover Trulli Angelo, a masterpiece of traditional architecture combined with modern design standards.

2. Olive groves: an astounding fifty million olive trees grow on Puglian land and the region handles over 60% of the olive oil production in Italy. Puglia also takes the prize for biggest wine producer and is therefore called the "cellar of Italy".

3. Bari: the capital of Puglia is a port city and its old town is worth a visit. Its most famous building is the Basilica of San Nicola, the saint who inspired Santa Claus.

4. Lecce: nicknamed the "Florence of the Baroque" or "The Rome of the South", Lecce is a marvellous baroque town that reached its pinnacle in the 17th century. Its white stone buildings are extravagantly decorated, with a predilection for cherubs. Lecce is also famous for its papier mâché art.

5. Salento: one of the attractions of this peninsula is the wonderful food. The port town of Brindisi, now also home to an airport, has been playing the role of gate to the region for over 2000 years. The notorious Via Appia starts in Rome and ends there.



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6. A few more facts: in Andria you will find Castel del Monte, one of the few octagonal castles in the world. Ostuni is a blindingly white city presiding on top of a hill. Underground churches have been built in the town of Taranto. The Tremiti Islands are part of a marine reserve and perfect for a day trip.





Trulli Angelo in Apulia is a masterpiece of traditional architecture combined with today's design standards, this property will take your breath away. Cosy in the winter with under floor heating and two fireplaces, offering a fantastic salt water pool for the summer, Trulli Angelo is a piece of heaven on earth.

It sleeps 8 people and is very comfortable.

The garden is very large, with 40.000 m2 of olive trees and very peaceful

Villas in Apulia
Villa with large private pool in the hearth of Apulia. 25 km from the sea. Nice garden with grass
Region: Apulia
Locality: Oria
Next city: Ostuni (35km)
Persons: 6
€ 1.240 (per week € 1.240 - € 1.240)
Charming country villa with large private pool in the Salento area, 2 km from the sandy beaches
Region: Apulia
Locality: Santa Caterina
Next city: Gallipoli (15km)
Persons: 14
€ 1.600 (per week € 1.600 - € 1.600)
New villa with private pool in the Salento area, only 9 km from the sandy beaches.
Region: Apulia
Locality: Sava
Next city: Manduria (10km)
Persons: 7
€ 1.890 (per week € 1.890 - € 1.890)
Villa in Puglia close to the sea and Santa Maria di Leuca in the south of the region
Region: Apulia
Locality: Marina di Novaglie
Next city: Leuca (13km)
Persons: 8
€ 2.770 (per week € 2.770 - € 2.770)
Modern styled Trullo in Apulia with air conditioning in the middle of olive trees, very peaceful and comfortable. Private pool; only 25 km to the sandy beaches
Region: Apulia
Locality: Ceglie Messapica
Next city: Ostuni (16km)
Persons: 8
€ 3.490 (per week € 3.490 - € 3.490)
Elegant villa with private pool near Gallipoli in the Salento area. Beautiful garden. 4 km from the wonderful sandy beaches
Region: Apulia
Locality: Santa Caterina
Next city: Lecce (35km)
Persons: 10
€ 3.610 (per week € 3.610 - € 3.610)
Luxury villa with air conditioning and private pool near to Ostuni and the sea
Region: Apulia
Next city: Ostuni (7km)
Persons: 10
€ 4.200 (per week € 4.200 - € 4.200)
Modern villa with private pool and hot tub only 200 metres from the sandy beach. Beautiful garden
Region: Apulia
Locality: Rosa Marina
Next city: Ostuni (11km)
Persons: 16
€ 5.990 (per week € 5.990 - € 5.990)
Luxury villa in Apulia, only 2 km from the sea; rentals min. 3 days
Region: Apulia
Locality: Baia Verde
Next city: Gallipoli (2km)
Persons: 19
€ 7.190 (per week € 7.190 - € 7.190)
Mondern villa in the Salento area only 10 km from the sandy beaches
Region: Apulia
Locality: Sava
Next city: Manduria (10km)
Persons: 13
€ 12.390 (per week € 7.390 - € 12.390)
Modern and luxury villa in Puglia, 5 km from the sea
Region: Apulia
Locality: Polignano a Mare
Next city: Ostuni (43km)
Persons: 12
€ 10.740 (per week € 10.740 - € 10.740)