new airport in Sicily

Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean and has been a favourite holiday destination for years. It is easy to understand why: Stunning sand beaches, a mild climate, varied culinary delights, impressive volcanoes, lively cities full of amazing architecture and a rich history.

Until recently Sicily had three international and two national airports. Catania, Palermo and Trapani were representing the international side, with Lampedusa and Pantelleria as their national sidekicks.

A fourth international airport has now joined its counterparts: Comiso opened in late May this year. It took almost ten years to turn the former old NATO airbase into this new civil airport, offering an alternative to the nearby Catania.

Ryanair immediately showed an interest at the beginning of the project and now offers routes from and to Brussels Charleroi, London Stansted and Rome Ciampino. Malta has confirmed that charter flights will also fly into Comiso. Additional airlines have followed suit.

The picturesque cities closest to Comiso airport include Ragusa and Siracusa, both listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ragusa is in fact only 15 km away. A deep ravine separates the two parts of the town, Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Superiore. Many of the baroque palaces and churches that still stand today were built after 1693, the year a massive earthquake largely destroyed the city.

As for Siracusa, the traces left by its successive eras are fascinating: Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval buildings can still be seen around the city. And have you heard about the Ear of Dionysus? As you have probably guessed, the name of this limestone cave in the Temenites hill comes from its shape resembling the human ear. There are several legends linked to this spot and you will have to decide if you want to believe in them or not...

Comiso's location, in the southeast part of the island, is also ideal for a relaxing beach holiday. Here are a few examples:
- Marina di Ragusa and its lively nightlife
- Marina di Modica, a paradise for surfers
- Pozzallo, overlooked by the impressive Torre Cabrera, which was used as a defence against pirates in ancient times
- Sampieri and its unusual view over the remains of a brick factory that burned down many years ago

The choice is yours!

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