Situated in the heart of Italy and quieter than the neighbouring Tuscany, Umbria is all lush countryside with rolling hills, green valleys and thick forests. Its numerous lakes and rivers make up for the fact that Umbria has no seacoast.

Umbria also possesses prosperous vineyards and its production is divided between red wines (like Rosso di Montefalco) and white wines (like Orvieto Classico). They compliment the local delicacies such as tasty pork dishes, the fragrant Pecorino cheese, special breads and fish and eels.

The capital of this lovely province is Perugia. The cathedral San Lorenzo, the Palazzo dei Priori and the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria are only a few sights the city has to offer. The famous Baci chocolates were also created in Perugia.

Umbria has a long list of wonderful towns. Orvieto is spectacularly set on a huge piece of volcanic rock with plunging vertical cliffs. Spoleto has both a Roman theater and amphitheater, as well as a restored Roman house with mosaic floors. Its Festival dei Due Mondi is a lively three weeks of music, theatre and dance. Gubbio is Umbria's answer to Siena, Italians will tell you. As for Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis, it is often described as the city of peace. The Giotto frescoes of the Basilica di San Francesco, his impressive burial place, are a must see.

Our Umbrian selection includes a couple of holiday castles.


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