General Booking Conditions

1. Holiday rentals properties
The properties shown on are available for holiday rental purposes and are fitted and furnished to accommodate the number of occupants indicated in the descriptions for the individual properties.
2. Booking a property
All bookings shall be made through Casa In Italia. Bookings can be made either directly online or by sending a request to us. Approval of the general letting conditions specifically related to the property selected is compulsory for online bookings.
3. Price List
The weekly or daily prices are shown in the price list.
4. Payment Terms

DEPOSIT: To confirm the booking, a deposit should be paid to Casa In Italia amounting to 30% of the property rental cost (together with any deposits for additional services requested).
BALANCE: The balance of the rental fee should be paid in full within 40 days from the start of the rental period. If the balance is not received within this deadline, Casa In Italia shall reserve the right to cancel the booking, retain the deposit and apply cancellation charges [see paragraph 10]. For late bookings made within 40 days from the start of the rental period, full payment shall be required at the time of booking.
5. Methods of Payment
Payment can be made either directly online by Credit Card (Visa, MC, Amex), using our secure link, or by Bank Transfer. Please note that if the tenant decides to pay by bank transfer, the booking should be made by sending a request to the Casa In Italia booking department. In order to hold the property, tenants should fax a copy of the bank receipt confirming that payment has been made, to the Casa In Italia offices.
6. Acceptance of Rental Terms
Once the first payment for the holiday booking has been made, either by credit card, or bank transfer (or any other permitted means), and has been accepted by Casa In Italia, this implies both for the tenant and for Casa In Italia the tacit acceptance of and the obligation to respect the terms and the general letting conditions shown in this document.
7. Rental Period
The rental period is typically one week minimum, from Saturday to Saturday, unless otherwise specified in the property description.
8. Check-in/out
CHECK-IN is between 17.00 and 19.30 and CHECK-OUT is before 09.30. Any delays or variations to these times must be agreed upon with Casa In Italia at least 48 hours before arrival. No refunds will be given if the tenant is unable to take up residence of the property on the expected day or at the scheduled time due to travel problems. The same rule applies to early departures.
9. Rental Voucher
Upon receipt of the rental balance, Casa In Italia will send the tenant a rental voucher (DEFINITIVE RENTAL CONFIRMATION) which has all the information on how to reach the property, the property address, how to contact the person responsible for the keys, and all costs to be paid on the premises. Upon arrival the tenant is obliged to present this document to the property owner/manager as well as a valid passport or identity card for the registration of all occupants of the rental property as required by Italian law.
10. Cancellation by the tenant

Cancellations free of charge are not possible. In the event of cancellation on the part of the tenant, he/she will be entitled to reimbursement of the rental fee subject to the deduction of a penalty. (details in your booking documentation before you make your first payment or on request from our bookings department).
11. Cancellation Insurance
In the event that the tenant has to renounce his rental holiday due to health reasons, Casa In Italia offers their tenants the possibility of purchasing Cancellation Insurance at an additional charge. If the tenant wishes to purchase this insurance he must do so before confirming his booking and pay for the insurance together with his deposit. (Please see the insurance details on the Ville in Italia web site homepage under Cancellation Insurance or contact Casa In Italia directly for more details).
12. Alterations and cancellations by Casa In Italia
Although it is unlikely that Casa In Italia will have to make any change to confirmed bookings, it does occasionally happen, in which case Casa In Italia will advise the tenant at the earliest possible date. a) If for any unforeseen reason Casa In Italia is unable to provide the tenant with the already booked property, Casa In Italia will offer the tenant an alternative property of comparable standard. b) In the event of force majeure, Casa In Italia reserves the right to annul the contract and return the amount paid. c) In the case of extra services not included in the rental price (i.e. cook, cleaning services etc) Casa In Italia cannot be held responsible for any eventual variations in the prices and/or utilization procedures which take place after the confirmation.
13. Information about the properties
Casa In Italia has taken great care to ensure the accuracy of all information regarding our properties. The descriptions and photographs on the website are honest and present a fair and accurate picture. As they are private properties they do not have standards or categories that are internationally recognized, the evaluations given by Casa In Italia do not reflect the evaluations of official tourist structures such as hotels.
14. Casa In Italia liability
Rental Bookings made through Casa In Italia are understood to be carried out on behalf of the landlord. Although prepared with the utmost care, the descriptions and photographs of the properties are indicative, and may be subject to alterations which will be communicated to the tenant at the time of confirmation. Casa In Italia does not accept responsibility for variations or modifications which have been made without its knowledge.
15. Tenant responsibility
For the entire duration of the stay the tenant is responsible for any property hired and in his care. The tenant is also responsible for the proper conduct of all occupants of the rental property and for leaving the property clean and in good order. Under no circumstances should the number of persons in the party exceed those specified in the rental contract. The owners and the local representatives are authorised to refuse entry and/or to request those occupants in excess of the maximum rental capacity to leave the property.
16. Complaints
Casa In Italia does not wish to have dissatisfied tenants. In the event of any problems during the stay, the tenant must immediately inform the keyholder/owner. If the keyholder/owner is unable to solve the problem, the tenant must immediately inform the Casa In Italia offices.
This will give Casa In Italia the opportunity to solve the problem during the stay. If the tenant abandons the rental property without giving the necessary time to Casa In Italia to solve the problem, he will lose any right to a reimbursement apart from cases covered by current law. In the unlikely event that the problem cannot be solved during the stay, and if the tenant wishes to take the matter up with Casa In Italia on his return, a registered letter with receipt advice must be sent within ten working days of the tenant's return. Complaints which are not made during the rental period will not be accepted.
17. Damage deposit and additional charges
The tenant is obliged to pay the damage deposit in cash upon arrival as indicated in the Rental Confirmation, otherwise the owner/representative of the property is entitled to refuse entry. The damage deposit will be refunded at the end of the stay less any deduction made for damage caused to the property. Any additional charges to be paid on site indicated in the rental documents are considered part of the accepted rental agreement.
18. Cleaning
Even in the case where the tenant must pay the final cleaning costs on the premises, the tenant is obliged to remove the rubbish and to leave the property in a clean and tidy state, otherwise there may be further cost deductions above and beyond those already owed.
19. Heating
In general heating may be used from November to April as covered by current Italian legislation.
20. External maintenance
The owner reserves the right for himself and/or for his representative to access to the property for the maintenance of the external areas and of the swimming-pool.
21. Swimming pool and sports facilities
The dates for the use of the swimming pool and/or sports facilities are indicated in the description of each property. In the case of particularly bad weather conditions these may be varied for reasons that are not our responsibility.
22. Protection of personal information
In conformance with the paragraph 13, law L. 196/03 on the protection of privacy and on the processing of personal data, Casa In Italia declares that tenant's personal data shall be used for reasons connected with or essential for carrying out our business, and to be precise.
23. Jurisdiction
In the case of any controversy which may arise, the competent authority shall be the Court of Florence and Italian law only applies.