Villa in Umbria


1. Perugia: the capital of Umbria is host to the cathedral San Lorenzo, the Oratoria di San Bernardino and the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria. Other sights of interest are the Fontana Maggiore and the Palazzo dei Priori, built on the Piazza IV Novembre. Going further back in time, the Etruscan well is a prime example of hydraulic engineering and the Volumni Hypogeum a wonderfully preserved funerary monument of the same era. Perugia has a university, a jazz festival and some of the world's most famous chocolates, the Baci Perugina!

2. Orvieto: the town is spectacularly set on a huge piece of volcanic rock with plunging vertical cliffs. Despite its many buildings of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance inspirations, Orvieto is mostly famous for its white and black marble cathedral. The frescoes depicting the Apocalypse are said to have inspired Michelangelo. The old city well, dug in rock, is 61 meter deep and numerous man-made caves carved below the town can be visited.

3. Spoleto: the town possesses a Roman theatre and amphitheatre, as well as a restored Roman house with mosaic floors. Its Festival dei Due Mondi is a lively three weeks of music, theatre and dance in the summer. A visit to La Rocca d'Albornoz, an impressive fortress where Lucrezia Borgia once lived, is recommended. On your way back, you will cross the Ponte delle Torri bridge and end your excursion with a lovely stroll in the woods.

4. Gubbio: Italians will tell you this city is Umbria's answer to Tuscany's Siena. A very old town dating back to the pre-Roman era, its Piazza Grande is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. Located on a low slope of Mount Ingino, Gubbio and its rich history are worth a visit. It is the home of bronze tablets written in the extinct ancient Umbrian language by a priest of Jupiter.

5. Assisi: the birthplace of St. Francis is often described as the city of peace. The Giotto frescoes of the Basilica di San Francesco, his impressive burial place, are a must see. The Piazza del Comune was once a Roman forum, which has been partially excavated.

6. A few more facts: natural beauty and numerous lakes make up for the fact that Umbria has no seacoast. Amongst them is Lake Trasimeno, an ideal base to visit the region and its neighbour Tuscany; it has three islands and castles built around it. The local delicacies include tasty pork dishes, the fragrant Pecorino cheese, special breads as well as fish and eels. The prosperous vineyard production is divided between red wines (like Rosso di Montefalco) and white wines (like Orvieto Classico).


Modern and bright designer house in a quiet location near Gubbio
Region: Umbria
Locality: San Pelligrino
Next city: Gubbio (20km)
Persons: 10
€ 5100.00 - € 6750.00 pro Woche
Old medieval castle, now elegant holiday retreat in Umbria
Region: Umbria
Locality: Solfagnano
Next city: Perugia (21km)
Persons: 15
€ 10050.00 - € 15050.00 pro Woche
Luxury castle in Umbria near Gubbio, dating back to the Middle Ages, with private pool and all kind of comfort.
Region: Umbria
Locality: Carbonesca
Next city: Gubbio (21km)
Persons: 30
€ 10350.00 - € 13550.00 pro Woche
Luxury villa built in 1630, close to Spoleto - perfect also for weddings up to 250 guests
Region: Umbria
Locality: Campello sul Clitunno
Next city: Spoleto (11km)
Persons: 14
€ 17000.00 - € 20000.00 pro Woche