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Experience the timeless beauty of Italy by choosing to rent a villa in Lazio. Nestled in the heart of Italy, Lazio offers a blend of breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, and vibrant cities like Rome. Our selection of villas in Lazio provides the perfect setting for a luxurious and tranquil getaway. Whether you're exploring the historical wonders of the Eternal City, enjoying the serene beaches along the coast, or savoring the region's exquisite cuisine, our villas offer comfort, privacy, and elegance. Book your villa in Lazio now and immerse yourself in the rich culture and stunning scenery of this iconic Italian region in Central Italy.


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Holiday home in Umbria, with a large pool and covered terrace; Air conditioning in the bedrooms. More informations here.
Region: Umbria
Locality: Torgiano
Next city: Perugia (22km)
Persons: 8
€ 1280 - € 2355 pro Woche
Privater Pool und Sonnenschirmen am Ferienhaus Casa Campori Esstisch des Ferienhauses in Umbrien mit Blick auf den Trasimeno See Atemberaubender Blick von den Lago Trasimeno Small holiday home in Umbria with view over the Trasimeno Lake
Small and cosy holiday home with breathtaking views over the Trasimeno Lake in a very peaceful location; private and heated pool; air conditioning
Region: Umbria
Locality: Passignano sul Trasimeno
Next city: Perugia (25km)
Persons: 5
€ 1490 - € 2490 pro Woche
Region: Umbria
Locality: Spello
Next city: Assisi (13km)
Persons: 2
€ 1550 - € 1700 pro Woche
Detached and quiet holiday home with private pool in the green hills of the Marche in central Italy. More information here
Region: Marches
Locality: Monte Rinaldo
Next city: Ascolo Piceno (48km)
Persons: 8
€ 1600 - € 3300 pro Woche
Casale Upuoa, a new restored and furnished holiday villa with private pool, in very peaceful location, only 1 hour from the centre of Rome
Region: Lazio
Locality: Selci
Next city: Roma (60km)
Persons: 2
€ 1690 - € 2190 pro Woche
Region: Umbria
Locality: Spello
Next city: Assisi (13km)
Persons: 3
€ 1800 - € 2000 pro Woche
Small townhouse in the village of Spello, which is one of the most beautiful places in Umbria. Charming furnishings and small, private garden.
Region: Umbria
Locality: Spello
Persons: 3
€ 1950 - € 2150 pro Woche
Typical stone house with small private swimming pool situated at the heart of the green Umbria region
Region: Umbria
Locality: Collazzone
Next city: Todi (10km)
Persons: 4
€ 2090 - € 2290 pro Woche
Country house with private pool near Montefalco, surrounded by olive trees and a wonderful view. Book online here.
Region: Umbria
Locality: Moriano
Next city: Spoleto (18km)
Persons: 9
€ 2400 - € 3400 pro Woche
Very modern holiday villa near Itri and Sperlonga, only 10 km from the sea, with private pool and air conditioning; more informations here.
Region: Lazio
Locality: Itri
Next city: Sperlonga (13km)
Persons: 8
€ 2500 - € 4500 pro Woche
Modernly furnished holiday home for 10 people in Le Marche with private pool, air conditioning and very quiet location. More info here.
Region: Marches
Locality: Cingoli
Next city: Macerata (30km)
Persons: 10
€ 2800 - € 5250 pro Woche
Villa Morrovalle mit Nebenhaus in den Marken Privater Pool direkt neben der Terrasse in der Villa Morrovalle Steinhaus mit überdachter Veranda ideal für Abendessen in den Ferien
Elegant and modern furnished country villa in Le Marche with private pool and only 17 km from the adriatic sea; air conditioning
Region: Marches
Locality: Morrovalle
Next city: Macerata (11km)
Persons: 8
€ 2850 - € 5350 pro Woche

Discover Your Dream Lazio Villa Rental

Lazio, a region rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable Italian getaway. From the historic streets of Rome to the tranquil countryside, a Lazio villa rental is your key to a bespoke holiday experience.

Lazio Villa Rental: Your Home Away from Home

Luxury Villa Lazio

Indulge in the ultimate comfort and style with a luxury villa in Lazio. Our premium selection features exquisite properties that blend traditional Italian architecture with modern amenities. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the rolling hills or the azure sea, all from the comfort of your luxurious retreat.

Villas in Lazio with Private Pool

Nothing says vacation like your own private pool. Our villas in Lazio with private pools offer seclusion and relaxation amidst the picturesque landscapes of the region. Whether you're cooling off after a day of exploring or simply enjoying a lazy day in the sun, these villas provide the perfect oasis.

Choose a Lazio villa rental for your next holiday and experience the enchantment of Italy in a way that's uniquely yours. From lavish luxury villas to idyllic homes with private pools, find the perfect base to explore all that Lazio has to offer. Book now and prepare for an Italian adventure filled with culture, history, and unparalleled luxury.

Lazio: A Timeless Tapestry of Italy's Heart

Lazio, nestled in the heart of Italy, unfolds as a tapestry rich in ancient lore, emerald landscapes, and sprawling vineyards, all presided over by Rome, its pulsating core. This region, soaked in mythology and laden with history, offers a voyage through epochs, where cobblestones, ruins, and horizons narrate tales of empires, saints, and visionaries who have left their timeless mark on the fabric of history.

Rome, the Eternal City, stands as a living museum where modernity and antiquity converge in a harmonious juxtaposition. The grandiosity of the Colosseum, still echoing with the roars of gladiators and spectators, contrasts with the serene splendor of Vatican City, home to the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s divine frescoes, captivating the soul.

Beyond the imperial embrace of Rome, Tivoli calls with its architectural wonders like Villa d'Este and its symphony of fountains, alongside the enigmatic ruins of Hadrian’s Villa, where the past feels palpably alive. These sites offer a window into the opulent lives of Rome’s elite, where beauty and power were intertwined.

The tranquil waters of Lake Bracciano, a serene haven favored by Romans and travelers alike, present a stark contrast to the bustling city. The medieval town of Bracciano, with its towering castle, offers sweeping views of the lake and the encompassing countryside, beckoning visitors to reflect on the passage of time.

To the south, the ancient port of Ostia Antica showcases the daily lives of Romans with its remarkably preserved baths, theaters, and mills, standing as a testament to Rome’s once-grand maritime prowess.

The Abbey of Montecassino, perched atop a hill, shines as a beacon of peace and resilience. This Benedictine monastery, established by St. Benedict in 529 AD, has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times throughout its storied history, symbolizing the perpetual cycle of destruction and rebirth.

Lazio’s coastline, especially the Ulysses Riviera, is speckled with quaint towns like Sperlonga and Gaeta, where the Tyrrhenian Sea gently kisses golden sands and ancient relics. These seaside retreats blend relaxation, history, and culinary delights, with fresh seafood and local wines tantalizing the senses.

Lazio is more than a mere destination; it is an expedition across the ages, offering a mosaic of experiences that bridge the chasm between the past and the present. Here, the essence of Italy is palpable, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the timeless allure of a region where history, nature, and artistry converge in a magnificent symphony.