Umbria borders on the regions of Tuscany and Lazio in Central Italy. It is divided into the two provinces Perugia and Terni. The green heart of the country, as Umbria is often referred to, is characterised by dense forests, a high number of olive groves and towns surrounded by green hills. Culinary specialties are truffles and wine from the region. Casa in Italia offers holiday homes and luxury villas in Umbria for a peaceful and relaxing holiday at the heart of Italy.

Sightseeing on your holiday in Umbria

In addition to its impressive flora and fauna, Umbria also offers towns and villages rich in history and culture. So, on your holiday in Umbria you will be able to enjoy both the fantastic landscape and the fascinating culture. For example, you can walk in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, who left numerous traces in the city of the same name with his order. In general, the towns and villages of Umbria, with their narrow streets and typical stone buildings, exude a very special charm. Many churches date back to the 16th century or older, where valuable artifacts can be admired. For example, in a church in Collazzone, there is a 13th century wooden Madonna and paintings of saints by the painter Pietro Paolo Sensini. The many castles and fortresses also invite you on an exploratory tour that will bring the history of the region closer.

Exploring the cities and regions of Umbria

The cities of Perugia and Terni are also worth a visit if you want to take in the atmosphere of a historic and cultural city. The university town Perugia is famous for its art and culture, with several festivals taking place in the city every year. The city of Terni has the reputation of being one of the most important locations for the industrial revolution in Italy. Near the city, the world-famous waterfall Cascata della Marmore is a must see. It is one of the most popular waterfalls in Europe and the tallest man-made waterfall in the world. Cascatta della Marmore was created by the ancient Romans, making it one of many fascinating historic locations in Umbria.
Start your excursions from one of our holiday villas, which offer you the perfect retreat after an eventful day. Our holiday villas in Umbria can accommodate families and groups of 4 to 30 people.

Holiday villa in Umbria by the lake

At Lake Trasimeno, you can enjoy the beauty of the country directly at the lake. Surrounded by mountains, the fourth largest lake of Italy is a feast for the eyes for nature lovers. If you enjoy sporting activities on holiday, you will find here the possibility to live this out. From bathing to fishing and surfing, Lake Trasimero offers a variety of options to make your holiday in Umbria unforgettable. There are many ways to get to know the Umbria region better. You can explore the dreamlike hilly landscape on horseback, by bike or on foot.
If you want to take it easy for a day or two – or even for the entirety of your stay in Umbria – you can relax in your holiday villa. Enjoy the views over the lake and the mountains in complete peace. With their own pool and beautiful green garden, our holiday villas offer you the perfect basis to spend relaxing days in the region. Why not taste the local wine undisturbed with family or friends and let your gaze wander into the distance? Rent a villa in Umbria and enjoy the peace and quiet of this atmospheric region.

Holiday villa in the green hills of Umbria

There is a reason that the Umbria region bears the name of green heart of Italy. Nestled in forests and vast green plains, the region is a picturesque image. Many villages are simply idyllic and quintessentially Italian. So much so that one could almost have the impression to be time travelling when away from the big touristic hotspots.

Day trips to Collazzone and Corciano

In and around Collazzone, for example, gems can be found that make it worthwhile to plan a day trip. From the holiday houses in Umbria, the area can easily be reached by car. The parish church of San Lorenzo, with its bell tower from the 18th century, is known beyond Collazzone. The bell tower was built above one of the watchtowers.
The village of Corciano, surrounded by fortified walls, sits on top of a hill. In addition to the impressive castle, the town has many historical testimonies, such as the church of San Francesco, built in honour of Saint Francis after he returned to the town. The watchtower of Porta Santa Maria, built as a result of numerous lootings, offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
Day trips to these places or other places of interest in Umbria are a great idea. After an excursion, you can relax in your own spacious garden of the holiday villa and reminisce about the day with a glass of wine.

Rent a holiday home or luxury holiday villa in Umbria

Every one of our holiday villas in Umbria is equipped to a high standard. However, if you are looking for a special living experience, a holiday villa in Umbria is the perfect choice. The villas have unique locations in the midst of the hilly landscape of the region and a special view over the meadows and fields of Central Italy. With Italian charm and at the same time modern luxury, the villas offer a good basis for an exclusive vacation. Amenities such as outdoor pools, large gardens or a spa area provide that certain something. Staff can also ensure a carefree holiday. Domestic helpers or cooks can cater to your every need and thus put the finishing touch to your perfect holiday in Umbria.


Old medieval castle, now elegant holiday retreat in Umbria with private pool; air conditioning
Region: Umbria
Locality: Solfagnano
Next city: Perugia (21km)
Persons: 15
€ 16645 - € 25200 pro Woche
Luxurious villa with heated pool in a quiet location near the Antognolla golf course in Umbria; air conditioning
Region: Umbria
Locality: San Giovanni del Pantano
Next city: Perugia (25km)
Persons: 8
€ 13500 - € 15500 pro Woche
Weingut mit exklusiver Villa mit privatem Pool in Umbrien in Mittelitalien; mit allem Komfort. Mehr Infos zur Buchung hier.
Region: Umbria
Locality: San Venanzo
Next city: Todi (21km)
Persons: 14
€ 11900 - € 21900 pro Woche
Luxury castle in Umbria near Gubbio, dating back to the Middle Ages, with private pool and all kind of comfort.
Region: Umbria
Locality: Carbonesca
Next city: Gubbio (21km)
Persons: 30
€ 11560 - € 15600 pro Woche
Summer residence of Luciano Pavarotti, seafront and with private pool and tennis court
Region: Marches
Next city: Pesaro (2km)
Persons: 23
€ 10200 - € 16200 pro Woche
Luxury villa in Umbria with private pool not far from Orvieto with all comforts such as air conditioning. Cook can be booked.
Region: Umbria
Next city: Orvieto (15km)
Persons: 16
€ 10200 - € 18200 pro Woche
Modernly furnished, exclusive country house in Umbria with a large, private pool and all the comforts such as air conditioning and more.
Region: Umbria
Next city: Terni (14km)
Persons: 16
€ 9500 - € 13500 pro Woche
Exclusive design villa in Le Marche with private pool, published in many decoration magazines. Luxurious and peaceful, superb views. Air conditioning
Region: Marches
Locality: Treia
Next city: Macerata - Italien (23km)
Persons: 11
€ 8000 - € 15000 pro Woche
Exclusive property consisting of 2 houses each with its own pool in Lazio; modern facility in a very quiet location. Only 1 hour from Rome
Region: Lazio
Locality: Selci
Next city: Roma (60km)
Persons: 8
€ 7255 - € 8855 pro Woche
Medieval tower has been restored into an exclusive holiday villa; with private and large pool and high quality interior. Breathtaking view
Region: Umbria
Locality: San Terenziano
Next city: Todi (9,5km)
Persons: 12
€ 6500 - € 8400 pro Woche
Luxury villa in Le Marche, only 3 km from the Adriatic sea and the sandy beaches, with heated, private pool, tennis court. More information here.
Region: Marches
Locality: Civitanova Marche
Next city: Macerata (25km)
Persons: 12
€ 6500 - € 14500 pro Woche
Large property for 48 people, with villa and 2 dependances with private pool in the heart of Le Marche; perfect spot for weddings in Italy
Region: Marches
Locality: San Severino Marche
Next city: Macerata (30km)
Persons: 48
€ 6200 - € 23100 pro Woche
Exclusive country house in Umbria, modernly furnished, with private pool near a village. More information here.
Region: Umbria
Locality: Collazzone
Next city: Perugia (33km)
Persons: 10
€ 6000 - € 7680 pro Woche
Country house with breathtaking views and private pool in Umbria, north of Perugia; Grocery store in walking distance; Golf course very close.
Region: Umbria
Locality: San Giovanni del Pantano
Next city: Perugia (18km)
Persons: 12
€ 5900 - € 6900 pro Woche
Casa Rossa | Large property in front of the Lake of Bolsena in the north of Rome, with large pool and extremely charming interior. Can welcome up to 20 people
Region: Lazio
Locality: Gradoli
Next city: Lago di Bolsena (0,1km)
Persons: 10
€ 5800 - € 8675 pro Woche
Exclusive, modern holiday home with heated and secure pool, south of Lake Trasimeno in Umbria; air-conditioned; fenced garden
Region: Umbria
Locality: Piegaro
Next city: Citta della Pieve (14km)
Persons: 10
€ 5600 - € 8500 pro Woche
Modern country house in Umbria, south of Todi, with private pool and contemporary design
Region: Umbria
Locality: Sismano
Next city: Todi (13km)
Persons: 12
€ 5600 - € 7500 pro Woche
Modern and bright designer house in a quiet location near Gubbio in Umbria, with private pool and air conditioning
Region: Umbria
Locality: San Pelligrino
Next city: Gubbio (20km)
Persons: 10
€ 5500 - € 8000 pro Woche
Outside traditional, inside modern | Exclusive holiday home in Umbria, near Lake Trasimeno, with air conditioning and private pool
Region: Umbria
Next city: Castiglione del Lago (10km)
Persons: 10
€ 5500 - € 8000 pro Woche
Modern country villa in Umbria, near Spoleto, with large rooms. Peaceful and scenic views. Private fenced and heated pool. More informations here.
Region: Umbria
Locality: Castel Ritaldi
Next city: Spoleto (15km)
Persons: 16
€ 5490 - € 7790 pro Woche
Hideaway in Umbria; ideal for children. Fenced pool area and heated pool; air conditioned; very peaceful
Region: Umbria
Locality: Piegaro
Next city: Citta delle Piave (13km)
Persons: 10
€ 5000 - € 9500 pro Woche