Rent a holiday villa at Lake Como

Lake Como – Lago di Como – is located in Northern Italy in the Lombardy region. With its proximity to the Alps, the lake is embedded in a beautiful landscape. The third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe, Lago di Como has an inverted "y" shape. Each of its three banks has different features. The west bank of Lake Como is fairly densely populated with several small villages like Brienno and Lario. Close to Lenno, you can find the sole island of Lake Como: the Isola Comacina. The south bank comprises Bellagio and Lecco as well as the City of Como which is the capital of the province of Como. The east bank is sparsely populated, making it perfect for trips through the nature all around the lake. Several long trails are ideal for hiking or bike trips. Lake Como also offers different water sports such as windsurfing, sailing or kiting.
Our holiday villas are located all around Lake Como, offering the perfect place for peace and quiet during your holidays. The spacious homes offer room for families and travel groups between 6 and 18 persons. Enjoy your very own pool and outdoor facilities – your holiday starts in your holiday villa at Lake Como!


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Elegant Villa on the Lago Maggiore with breath-taking views, spectacular garden and charming interiors
Region: Lake Maggiore
Locality: Baveno
Next city: Stresa (3km)
Persons: 12
€ 13500 - € 15400 pro Woche
Modern and comfortable villa with private pool overlooking the Lake Como. Well-kept garden
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Lago di Como
Next city: Bellaggio (3km)
Persons: 8
€ 14015 - € 14015 pro Woche
Luxury apartment directly on Lake Como with private garden; Pool and boat mooring are used by the other apartments.
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Lenno
Next city: Como (27km)
Persons: 6
€ 14875 - € 14875 pro Woche
Elegant Villa on the Lago Maggiore with breath-taking views, spectacular garden and charming interiors; large pool
Region: Lake Maggiore
Locality: Baveno
Next city: Stresa (3km)
Persons: 16
€ 15400 - € 17300 pro Woche
Elegant, large villa directly on the shores of Lake Como with private pool and private jetty; located in the village of Vassena. More information here.
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Vassena
Next city: Bellaggio (8km)
Persons: 14
€ 15990 - € 15990 pro Woche
Vintage design villa from the 60s with breathtaking views of Lake Como; private pool and sauna; air conditioning
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Civenna
Next city: Bellaggio (7km)
Persons: 13
€ 16500 - € 22000 pro Woche
Luxury seafront villa on the Lake Como with heated pool, air conditioning and with a village in walking distance.
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Pianello del Lario
Next city: Como (45km)
Persons: 14
€ 17500 - € 19500 pro Woche
Luxury villa with heated, private pool on Lake Como with breathtaking views of the lake; Whirl pool, village within walking distance. More information here.
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Mezzegra
Next city: Como (30km)
Persons: 8
€ 17700 - € 17700 pro Woche
Villa with outdoor jacuzzi and private pool over Bellaggio on the Lake Como
Region: Lake Como
Next city: Bellaggio (1km)
Persons: 10
€ 18720 - € 22230 pro Woche
Historical luxury villa from the 19th century with cook and service included. Private heated pool, own boat mooring and tennis court
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Santa Maria
Next city: Como (41km)
Persons: 16
€ 32000 - € 42000 pro Woche
Elegant, historic villa directly on the Comersse with a private jetty. Large park with pool. air conditioning and boss. To book here.
Region: Lake Como
Locality: Dongo
Next city: Como (50km)
Persons: 12
€ 36100 - € 36100 pro Woche

Holiday home right at Lake Como

Enjoy the view of Lake Como from your holiday villa. Some of the homes even have direct access to the lake. There are many places all around Lake Como where you can enjoy the cool water. When you prepare for a lovely day at the lake, keep in mind that most of the beaches are rocky rather than sandy beaches. However, there is a sandy beach next to the Gera Lario harbour. Due to good parking possibilities and a children-friendly environment, it is an excellent location for families. The sand and pebble beach is accessible only to pedestrians and cyclists.

If you prefer sporting activities, Domaso is just the place for you. Domaso is a great goal for daytrips as well as bike tours and is easy to reach from our holiday homes at Lake Como. Lake Como offers excellent water quality due to EU Directives and regular controls. Therefore, you can enjoy your holiday at Lake Como to its fullest. Or you can also refresh yourself at the pool in your holiday villa.

Holiday home in the mountains near Lake Como

When you think of Italian lakes like the Lake Como, you think of beautiful beaches and cool water. But Lake Como also has an impressive mountain scenery. Therefore, we also offer holiday homes in the mountains with view of Lake Como. There, you can spend your holidays relaxed in the seclusion of the mountains but are also able to reach the lake in no time.
Due to the diverse landscape of the Como province, many different activities are possible. For example, there are several hiking trails all around the lake. Or you can explore the Monte Legnone east of Lake Como on a daytrip. If you don’t want to climb all the way from the bottom to the top of the mountain, you can drive up to a lodge in about 1,400 metres in altitude. At the lodge, you can get small picnic bags so that you are provided with the right supply for your trip. With its 2,600 metres, Monte Legnone is the highest mountain at Lake Como. It is also the northernmost mountain of the Bergamasque Alps. If you enjoy beautiful sceneries, the trail up the mountain will delight you. It offers forest sections as well as a breathtaking view of the valley. After a long day, relax at your holiday villa with pool at Lake Como.

Holiday villa near the city at Lake Como

There are many sights in the small towns near Lage Como. A cable car offers a fantastic overview of the area. One of the three cable car lines is located close to the harbour of Argegno in the south of Lake Como. From there, the cable car line with its beautiful lake view progresses to Pigra, a small commune in the mountains. Pigra is a perfect place to start a hiking tour or simply enjoy the panorama. Apart from fascinating landscapes, Lake Como also offers historic buildings like the Castello di Vezio in Varenna. The small village is part of the Lecco province and also located south of the lake. The typical Italian houses take you right to a different time. Enjoy a nice glass of wine, delicious food and a sunset right beside the lake. Our holiday villas are located close to this beautiful place so you can reach it by car.

Holiday homes and luxurious holiday villas at Lake Como

Lake Como is known for its impressive villas – and you have the chance to spend your vacation in such a villa. The villas feature modern facilities and some even offer direct access to the lake. Further amenities, depending on the villa, include a swimming pool, garden or even a chef. Spend your holidays at Lake Como in Italy in one of our holiday homes and enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Learn more about the Province of Como

Located at about 50 kilometres of Milan, aristocrats and prosperous families have enjoyed the charm of Lake Como since Roman times. The city of Como is modern but also boasts a rich historical past. A guided tour through Medieval Como is particularly recommended. Learn more about some of the most beautiful locations and interesting sights of the Province of Como in the following.

Bellagio – The Pearl of the Lake

The romantic atmosphere of Bellagio has given the town the nickname of "Pearl of the Lake". Perfectly located in the middle of Lago di Como, it has pale coloured old buildings and cobbled alleyways filled with shops and cafés. Both the gardens of the Villa Serbelloni and the Villa Melzi can be visited.

Varenna and the Walk of Lovers

Varenna is built under high cliffs and has a picturesque walk along the shore called the Walk of Lovers. The Villa Monastero is another place of interest in Varenna, with its portraits of noble Germans and a sunken bath. The narrow but spectacular gardens count a summer pavilion, a large terrace and a promenade with statues.

Sacro Monte of Ossuccio

Starting in Lenno, a short walk will take you to the Sacro Monte of Ossuccio, part of the Sacri Monti registered with the UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The pathway is lined with fourteen shrines containing full-scale statues and leads to the Santuario della Beata Vergine del Soccorso.