Lake Garda Villas

Discover the enchantment of Lake Garda with our exclusive selection of villas. Nestled along Italy's largest lake, these luxurious Lake Garda villas offer unparalleled views, serene surroundings, and direct access to the lake's shimmering waters. Whether you're seeking adventure in the great outdoors, a taste of Italy's finest cuisines, or simply a tranquil retreat, our villas cater to every desire. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Garda's picturesque towns, historic landmarks, and vibrant landscapes. Book your dream villa today and experience the perfect blend of Italian charm and luxury at Lake Garda in Northern Italy.

Elegant holiday villa with private pool in walking distance to the Lago di Garda and the village Lazise; air conditioning
Region: Lake Garda
Locality: Lazise
Next city: Verona (25km)
Persons: 14
€ 6560 - € 13825 pro Woche
Experience luxury at Casa di Campo, a modern villa with stunning lake views, a heated pool, and serene surroundings. Perfect for 10-12 guests. Book now!
Region: Lake Garda
Locality: Maderno
Next city: Salo (9km)
Persons: 12
€ 6000 - € 12000 pro Woche
Villa with private pool on the Lago di Garda. Village in walking distance; air conditioning in the bedrooms in the 1st floor
Region: Lake Garda
Locality: Bardolino
Next city: Verona (30km)
Persons: 12
€ 7455 - € 8590 pro Woche
Ferienhaus mit privatem Pool am Gardasee
Experience luxury at Lake Garda in Giardino di Codirosso: a modern holiday home with heated pool, sauna, playground, close to the golf course, and more. Perfect for families and golf enthusiasts!
Region: Lake Garda
Locality: San Felice del Benaco
Next city: Desenzano del Garda (17km)
Persons: 10
€ 3500 - € 6500 pro Woche
Explore Villa Mocasina: A luxury Lake Garda retreat with gourmet kitchens, a 25m pool, and historic charm set in a stunning garden. Perfect for discerning guests
Region: Lake Garda
Locality: Mocasinia
Persons: 6
€ 8400 - € 14000 pro Woche

Experience Ultimate Luxury with Lake Garda Villas

Lake Garda, a gem nestled in the heart of Italy, beckons travelers with its breathtaking beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Our exclusive collection of Lake Garda villas promises an unforgettable escape into luxury and serenity.

Lake Garda Villa Rentals

Villas in Lake Garda to Rent

Discover the perfect getaway with our Lake Garda villa rentals. Whether you're looking for a cozy hideaway for two or a spacious retreat for family and friends, our villas in Lake Garda to rent offer comfort, elegance, and unparalleled views of Italy's largest lake.

Lake Garda Holiday Rentals

Make your next vacation memorable with our Lake Garda holiday rentals. Each property is handpicked to provide guests with an authentic Italian experience, combining modern luxuries with the timeless charm of Lake Garda's surroundings.

Luxury Villas Lake Garda

Indulge in the epitome of opulence with our luxury villas in Lake Garda. These exquisite properties are designed for discerning travelers, featuring high-end amenities, sophisticated décor, and breathtaking landscapes that encapsulate the essence of Italian luxury.

Villas in Lake Garda with Private Pool

Luxury Villas in Lake Garda with Pool

Elevate your stay with our villas in Lake Garda with private pools. These exclusive homes offer a serene oasis where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the sunny Italian climate in complete privacy. Our luxury villas in Lake Garda with pools are the pinnacle of indulgence, offering guests their own slice of paradise with stunning lake views, spacious outdoor areas, and top-notch facilities.

Book your Lake Garda villa today and prepare to immerse yourself in the splendor of Italy. Whether you're seeking adventure on the lake's sparkling waters, exploring charming lakeside towns, or simply savoring the tranquility of your private villa, Lake Garda offers an unparalleled vacation experience.

Discovering Lake Garda: A Tour of Its Most Enchanting Towns

Lake Garda in Italy is renowned for its stunning landscapes, charming towns, and a diverse range of activities. Here are some of the most beautiful places around Lake Garda:

  • Sirmione: Located at the southern tip of the lake, Sirmione is famous for its Scaliger Castle, the Catullo Caves, and the thermal baths. The historic center features narrow streets and beautiful lakeside views.
  • Malcesine: On the eastern shore, Malcesine is known for its medieval Scaliger Castle, which offers panoramic views from its tower. The town is charming with cobbled streets, colorful buildings, and a picturesque harbor.
  • Riva del Garda: Situated at the northern tip of the lake, Riva del Garda is surrounded by mountains and offers a stunning setting. The town has a historic fortress, a charming old town, and a lively waterfront.
  • Limone sul Garda: Nestled on the western shore, Limone sul Garda is characterized by its lemon groves and colorful buildings. The town has a relaxed atmosphere, a scenic promenade, and beautiful views of the lake.
  • Gardone Riviera: Home to the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the former residence of poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, Gardone Riviera features lovely gardens and a lakeside promenade. The Heller Garden, a botanical garden, is also a highlight.
  • Desenzano del Garda: Located on the southwestern shore, Desenzano del Garda boasts a lively atmosphere, historic sites such as the Roman Villa, and a charming old town with shops and restaurants.
  • Bardolino: This picturesque town on the eastern shore is known for its wine production. Bardolino features a lovely lakeside promenade, historic churches, and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Torri del Benaco: A charming village on the eastern shore, Torri del Benaco is known for its medieval castle, narrow streets, and a picturesque harbor. The Scaliger Castle offers great views of the lake.

These places around Lake Garda showcase a blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and recreational opportunities, making the region a popular destination for both relaxation and exploration.